Kingdom of Nubia

  • Destination: Egypt
  • Duration: 4 days


The lost kingdom of Nubia is located in a region along the Nile in today’s southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Nubia is the homeland of Africa’s earliest black culture with a history that can be traced from 3100 BC onward through Nubian monuments and artifacts.

A visit to the Nubian lands gets you in touch with their unique culture. Nubians are very proud of their culture as they speak their own language, have their own traditions, music and food and that’s why it managed to remain very well preserved along the decades.


- Explore the Nubian Village and the unique culture of its people
- Philae Temple on Agilika Island
- Heisa Island and the magical sunset over the Nile
- The breathtaking view over the Nile from Famine Stela Hill
- Felucca Sailing & Sleeping on board
- Rowing around the beautiful Nile Islands
- Swimming in the Nile at Barbar Beach
- The Hike to Qubbet ElHawa
- The Nubian Party

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Itinerary & Trip Details

Day 1: Into Nubia
Into Nubia

Arrival in Aswan, pickup from the airport/train station then transfer to the Nubian Village and check-in nubian guest house. Start our journey by visiting the island temple of Philae which is dedicated to the Goddess Isis then sail to Heisa island to visit some of the most ancient Nubian houses, drink some Nubian tea and enjoy the magical sunset over the Nile. Afterwards we sail back to the village for dinner then go for a walk around the village to explore its colorful houses and bazaars.

Accommodation: Nubian Guesthouse
Meals: D

Day 2: The Lost Kingdom

The Lost Kingdom

Breakfast on the Felucca then sail back to the Nubian Village. First we will sail to Suheil Island to visit the Famine Stela which is a Pharaonic inscription that tells the story of a seven-year period of drought and famine during the reign of the 3rd dynasty King Djoser. The Stela is located on a hill on Suheil Island with outstanding views over the Nubian lands and the Nile River. Afterwards we will hop-on small fishing boats and row our way through the National park of Saluga and Ghazal which are two small granite islands that are rich in natural vegetation with about 94 species of flora which attracts many bird species. Our rowing concludes at the very scenic Barbar beach where we can opt for a refreshing swim in the Nile. Later on we sail to one of the most beautiful Nubian houses in Gharb Suheil village to try the famous Nubian coffee known as Gabana then sail back to our guesthouse for dinner. In the evening we will wander around the village and visit more houses where we can get closer to the Nubian culture, hold a pet crocodile and party Nubian style.  

Accommodation: Nubian Guesthouse
Meals: BLD

Day 3: Sail the Traditional Way

Sail the Traditional Way

Sailing down the magnificent Nile River on a Felucca (Traditional Sail Boat) under the blue skies while passing by several villages that were frozen in time and sleeping under a canopy of stars is definitely one of the most unique experiences you can have in Egypt and one of the best ways to explore the well preserved cultures along the Nile Banks.

We start sailing downstream taking in the amazing scenery and unwind in the Nile breeze until our first stop at Tombs of the Nobles where we are going to hike to visit the ancient tombs and make our way to Qubbet ElHawa the highest point in Nubia for a breathtaking view over Nubia, the Nile and Aswan. Afterwards we continue sailing until sunset then dock in another Nubian village and go visit one of the houses where we are going to enjoy an amazing Nubian party (Zaffa) then have dinner and overnight camping on the Felucca under the starlit sky.

Accommodation: Safari Felucca
Meals: BLD

Day 4: Farewell Nubia

Farewell Nubia

Breakfast by the Nile then transfer to airport/train station for departure.

Meals: B

Price Includes/Excludes

Price Includes

- Accommodation for 2 nights in a standard guesthouse in the Nubian Village
- Camping Accommodation for 1 night on a Safari Felucca
- All mentioned tours and activities
- Pick-up on arrival and Drop-off on departure 
- All Tickets and Permits
- All mentioned meals (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner) 
- Motor Boat for traveling around Nubia
- Nubian Party
- Fishing boats rental

Price Excludes

- Tips & Gratuities
- Flight/Train Tickets to Aswan


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