Philippines: In Search of Paradise

  • Destination: Philippines
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Price: $1260 (Full Trip) / $880 (Cebu & Palawan)


A dream-like journey to the Philippines. An amazing archipelago of over 7000 islands with stunning mountain ranges, beautiful waterfalls, underground rivers and caves, breathtaking beaches, tropical islands, hidden lagoons, amazing marine life, laidback beach resorts, charming countryside and exotic food. Paradise found!

Our adventure is divided into 3 parts, First part will take us to central Luzon island & the magical Cordillera mountains range, second one will take us to Cebu island the oldest part of the Philippines and home of the utlra-stunning Kawasan Falls and third part will take us to Palawan island, the world’s most exotic island and home of the world’s longest underground river.


- Driving through the amazing Cordillera Mountains range to Banaue
- Bangaan Village with its traditional Ifugao houses and beautiful rice terraces
- Trekking to Batad Village and its breathtaking amphitheater-like rice terraces
- Trekking to the amazing Tappiyah Waterfall
- Spelunking (Caving) from Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing cave
- Navigating a paddle boat through the world’s largest underground river
Island Hopping in El Nido archipelago, to explore the wonders of Bacuit bay
- Sea Kayaking into hidden lagoons
- Camping on a secluded Island away from civilization
- Ziplining to Las Cabanas Beach
- Taraw Cliff Canopy Walk
- Swimming & relaxing in Nacpan Beach, El Nido’s most beautiful beach
- Swimming & Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Oslob
- Canyoning to amazing Kawasan Falls

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Itinerary & Trip Details

Part I/Day 1: Luzon Island
The Pearl of the Orient

Arrival in Manila airport on Luzon island, pickup and transfer to the hotel, spend the day exploring the capital of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel

Day 2: Cordillera Mountain Range

Cordillera Mountain Range

Drive from Manila to Banaue in Cordillera mountain range. It is a long drive but with amazing mountain passes, beautiful mountain scenery and lush environment which makes the drive quite enjoyable. After check-in and some rest we will visit the village of Bangaan and its beautiful rice terraces, a typical village of the Ifugao tribes where we can see the traditional Ifugao houses, their livelihood and their method of farming the rice terraces. Afterwards we will return to Banaue where we can visit the markets, handicrafts center and souvenir shops.

Accommodation: Basic Guesthouse
Meals: B
Driving Time: 9 hours (375 km)

Day 3: Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

After breakfast we will make our way to the stunning rice terraces of Batad through a very scenic trail known as the stairway to heaven! The terraces are also known as the 8th wonder of the world due to its unrivaled beauty and dramatic setting in the heart of Cordillera mountain range. This adventurous day will start by a quick drive to Batad Saddle point then start our trek to Batad village for a breathtaking panoramic view over the terraces. Check-in our local guest house then make our way through the terraces to the stunning Tappiyah waterfalls for a refreshing swim then hike back to our accommodation for overnight.

Accommodation: Basic Guesthouse
Meals: B

Day 4: The Underworld

The Underworld

Today will take us to Sagada, the adventure hub of the Philippines. First we hike back to Banaue then drive to the viewpoint over the famous Banaue rice terraces then continue to Sagada. Check-in our accommodation then embark on a unique spelunking (caving) adventure  by entering Lumiang cave and make our way to Sumaguing cave through an underground trail connecting the two caves with many caving techniques like scrambling, use of ropes and making our way through underground pools.

Accommodation: Standard Guesthouse
Meals: B
Driving Time: 2 hours (65 km)

Day 5: Farewell Cordillera

Farewell Cordillera

Breakfast then go wander around the beautiful town of Sagada or we can opt for one last trek to Mount Ampacao, the highest point in Sagada before we drive back to Manila

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: B
Driving Time: 10 hours (435 km)

Part II/Day 6: Cebu Island

In the Footsteps of Magellan

Drive to Manila airport and fly to Cebu Island, pickup and transfer to our hotel. Spend the rest of the day in leisure.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: B

Day 7: Of Whales & Waterfalls

Of Whales & Waterfalls

Another early rise to start our action-packed day on Cebu Island. First we drive to Oslob for a once in a lifetime time experience to swim with Whale Sharks! Afterwards we go for a swim at Tumalog Falls then drive to Badian for a canyoning adventure along Kanlaob river to stunning Kawasan falls.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: BL

Part III/Day 8: Palawan Island

The Last Frontier

Transfer to the airport to catch our flight to Palawan Island which is also known as the Last Frontier and was voted the world’s most beautiful island several times! We land in Puerto Princesa the capital and only city on the island and spend the day exploring the surroundings.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: B

Day 9: A Natural Wonder

A Natural Wonder

Puerto Princesa is home of the longest underground river in the world which is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature! The river flows underneath a mountain range, through the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out into the South China Sea. First we will sail to the entrance to national park then we will hop on a paddle boat with search light to explore this geological wonder with its unique rock formations and amazing flora and fauna. After this amazing tour we will drive to the heavenly archipelago of El Nido.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: BL

Day 10: Island Hopping

Island Hopping

El Nido is one of these destinations that will leave you in awe! A true tropical paradise with endless white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, many secluded islands and an amazing marine life. To explore this unspoiled paradise we will embark on an island hopping tour from one island to another, exploring and relaxing by secluded palm-fringed beaches.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: BL

Day 11: A Glimpse of Paradise

A Glimpse of Paradise

Today we continue exploring the islands of Bacuit bay in El Nido but with some adventurous twists as we visit more hidden beaches, explore beautiful lagoons with sea kayaks and camp on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean for an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.

Accommodation: Camping in Tents
Meals: BLD

Day 12: Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach

Breakfast at campsite, go for a morning swim then continue our island hopping to Nacpan beach, ElNido’s most beautiful beach. Spend the day in the crystal clear waters of Nacpan, have lunch then drive back to El Nido.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: BL

Day 13: El Nido Inland

El Nido Inland

First we go for a canopy walk on Taraw cliff for an amazing panoramic view over El Nido then we will make our way to Las Cabanas for an adrenaline fix on one of the most breathtaking ziplines in the Philippines then spend the rest of the day at Las Cabanas beach, watch the amazing sunset over the ocean then drive back to our hotel.

Accommodation: Standard Hotel
Meals: B

Day 14: Departure


Transfer to Puerto Princesa airport for our final departure

Meals: B

Price Includes/Excludes

Full Version: 14D13N/$1260
Palawan Island + Cebu Island: 9D8N/$880
Price Includes

- All transfers in a private vehicle
- All Travel & Environmental Permits
- Accommodation for 13 nights in standard hotels & guesthouses as per the itinerary
- All mentioned activities and tours
- All mentioned meals (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

Price Excludes

- International flights to Manila
- Domestic flights to Puerto Princesa & Cebu City (avg. $150-$200) + Terminal Fees ( around $15)
- Visa Expenses
- Tips & Gratuities



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