Who are we?

Destination 31° is an Egyptian-based travel company that is specialized in adventure travel, ecotourism and extreme sports in Egypt and all around the world.

D31 was established in 2009 by 2 friends who shared a passion for traveling off the beaten path and challenging adventures. Coming from the belief that adventure travel is the key to self-exploration and a portal to endless life changing experiences, D31 was created to share the rapture of adventure travel with travelers from Egypt and all around the world

Our journeys focus on 3 main elements; stunning natural destinations, exciting adventurous activities and unique cultural interactions. From trekking the world’s most epic trails to rafting down the world’s wildest rivers to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and remote destinations.

“Explorers see what they see while tourists see what they came to see. Join D31 tribe and Explore Earth!”

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure Travel is a type of tourism that usually involves exploration, physical activities, cultural interactions, road trips and engagement with nature. It usually requires stepping outside of the comfort zone, good fitness levels and an open mind that is welcoming to off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Activities may include: Mountaineering, Hiking, Trekking, Rafting, Canyoning, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Ziplining, Paragliding, 4WD Safaris, Abseiling, Caving and more… These activities usually have a degree of risk and they take place in different types of ecosystems such as mountains, canyons, jungles, deserts, lakes, rivers, oceans and others.

Accommodation varies depending on travel itineraries in which we use standard mid-range hotels in cities but on rural areas we might stay in backpacker lodges, mountain huts, jungle lodges, guest houses, homestay or camping in tents

Our Vision

To create a new platform for providing innovative traveling concepts that will target people who are seeking unique adventures and are open for horizon expanding and life-changing experiences in different cultures around the world.

To operate on exceptional traveling experiences among the most exotic and culturally interesting places around the world with a goal to be the leading Egyptian-based tour operator for adventure travel and ecotourism.

To promote Egypt as an adventure travel destination and to promote ecotourism and adventure travel in the Egyptian society.

Our Travel Philosophy

To practice low-impact, educational, ecological and culturally sensitive traveling that benefits local communities in host countries

To rise environmental and cultural awareness and respect

To provide positive and unique experiences for both visitors and hosts

To provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people

Why travel with D31?


We are an unconventional travel agency that offers unique traveling experiences in the most exotic locations around the globe. We are more of an adventure traveling community that keeps growing every year.

We are adventure travel specialists and all our journeys are crafted with attention to the smallest details. Our journeys are a result of an extensive travel experience and a thorough research which allows us to create a traveling experience like no other.

Join the Tribe

Joining us on our journeys is like joining a unique traveling community of like-minded travelers from Egypt and all around the world. Friendships made on our trips stays for a lifetime.


With us spontaneous becomes organized. We usually include the main highlights on most of our trips but you will also have the time to explore according to your own interests


Our journeys are designed to fit maximum experience with high quality service in an affordable budget without compromising safety and hygiene


We do take it personal and we look into having a personal bond with all our travelers. We also act as travel consultants in which we offer full support and advice on all aspects of our journeys.

Why 31?

When we first started planning for our adventure travel company we wanted to have an unusual name with an adventurous twist that relates to what we do and where we come from. Being an Egyptian-based adventure traveling company and with both the latitude and the longitude of the Nile Delta are at 31°00’00”, the name Destination 31 came to life in which we identify ourselves as the main hub for unique adventures and journeys in Egypt and around the World.


  • Exploring Zanzibar with Destination 31 was one amazing experience! The itinerary was perfectly planned where you could see the island's heavens. From the white sandy beaches with coconut trees, to the tropical forest where you go on a spice tour and the safari with dolphins in the indian ocean. Team D31 was doing all the best to please the group members and organize a trip to remember. "Mind blowing experience - Highly recommended!!!"
    Adham ElNokaly
  • Thank you so much for the incredible experience I had with D31. I loved every second of my trip. Nepal is such an amazing place. I met some very interesting people and made some great friends for life. I couldn't recommend it enough!!!
    Reham Fawzy
  • Super organized, professional, with a fantastic group, and I can't wait for my next trek/adventure with D31
    Tarek ElGhazaly
  • Amazing experience with an amazing team ..i think there will be 2nd and 3rd time..thanks D31 & Omar Hossam  
    Mohamed ElSaadany
  • what a WONDERFUL trip with Destination 31 as usual. Nothing could be expressed that it was one of the most unique trips I personally had in my entire life. The beautiful nature of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy with the full packed schedule of Destination 31 from hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, sight seeing etc.. Thank you for leaving us with these great and fun memories and can't wait for my next adventure trip with you.
    Amina Bassyouny