Hiking & Trekking adventures to explore off-the-beaten-path trails in Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula


  • Destination: Egypt
  • Duration: 3 days


A Trekking Odyssey to summit 2 of Egypt’s highest peaks, the biblical Mount Sinai (2285m) and Egypt’s highest Peak, Mount Catherine (2642m)


- Summiting Biblical Mount Sinai
- Summiting Mount Catherine, Egypt’s highest peak
- Camping in Wadi ElArbeen under the starlit sky
- St Catherine village with its rugged mountains and biblical history
- Nuweiba Beach Camp

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  • Destination: Egypt
  • Duration: 4 days


A trekking odyssey in St. Catherine National Park in the mystical peninsula of Sinai which still beholds a lot of uncovered secrets within its mountains and wadis.

During the winter season the Sinai Peninsula is usually under heavy rain and on some of Sinai highest peaks you can find snow everywhere. Since after the rain comes the sun and the spring season, the snow starts to melt creating seasonal waterfalls, mountain pools and lush valleys which all come together creating a trekking experience like no other!

This journey will take us through the main highlights of the high mountains region through the famous Wadi Jebal to natural mountain pools and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Sinai Peninsula.


- St. Catherine Monastery
- Trekking in St. Catherine National Park
- Camping in Bedouin shelters under the starlit sky
- Qasr Abbas Basha (The Palace of Abbas Pasha)
- El-Galt El-Azraq (The Blue Pool)
- Bab El-Donya (Gate of the Universe)

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