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D31 team is also specialized in designing adventure camps and team building events for Schools, Universities, NGOs, Companies and other entities upon request..

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The Balkans Trail
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia
14 days
sinai-odyssey -d31
Sinai Odyssey
4 days


  • Exploring Zanzibar with Destination 31 was one amazing experience! The itinerary was perfectly planned where you could see the island's heavens. From the white sandy beaches with coconut trees, to the tropical forest where you go on a spice tour and the safari with dolphins in the indian ocean. Team D31 was doing all the best to please the group members and organize a trip to remember. "Mind blowing experience - Highly recommended!!!"
    Adham ElNokaly
  • Thank you so much for the incredible experience I had with D31. I loved every second of my trip. Nepal is such an amazing place. I met some very interesting people and made some great friends for life. I couldn't recommend it enough!!!
    Reham Fawzy
  • Super organized, professional, with a fantastic group, and I can't wait for my next trek/adventure with D31
    Tarek ElGhazaly
  • Amazing experience with an amazing team ..i think there will be 2nd and 3rd time..thanks D31 & Omar Hossam  
    Mohamed ElSaadany
  • what a WONDERFUL trip with Destination 31 as usual. Nothing could be expressed that it was one of the most unique trips I personally had in my entire life. The beautiful nature of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy with the full packed schedule of Destination 31 from hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, sight seeing etc.. Thank you for leaving us with these great and fun memories and can't wait for my next adventure trip with you.
    Amina Bassyouny
  • I've been following many programs arranged by a few travel agencies for quite a while until by mere chance I was introduced to Destination 31..They are unique indeed. They have an unconventional approach to enjoy every single moment during your travel. The team is fun and trust worthy. I really enjoyed Thailand and Cambodia trips that was well planned offering us thrilling adventures, sightseeing and extraordinary moments in some of the most amazing natural surroundings
    Lamiaa Ibrahim
  • The core of a man's spirit comes from new experiences"- Into the Wild-
    I could have never imagined that i have such life time experiences with destintaion 31! I have unleashed a strong and daring spirit in me ! Thank you for challenging me and always offering the best of the best
    Samuel Saad
  • I think it's a great idea that D31 offers adventure trips and they really end up being adventurous! My St. Catherine hike has really shaped a lot of my thinking, it's good to travel every once in a while. D31 challenged me, both physically and mentally! I would totally do it over
    Laila Hassaballah


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